Wes Brown Out Of COntract Next Summer

Wes Brown is going to be out of contract at Sunderland next summer, but, he has not started thinking about his future as yet. He wants to have a successful 2014-15 Season first and then, he would take things from there.
Brown had had a nasty knee injury while playing in his debut season for Sunderland and because of that, he had to remain out of the game for almost two years. He eventually returned in November last year and he made his presence felt straightaway. He featured in almost every league game that the Black Cats played in the second half of the last season and did well in the back line.
Brown is almost in his mid thirties now, but, the kind of performances he has produced since his comeback suggests that there is still a lot of football left in him. The English defender himself also thinks the same way and that’s why, he is not to keen to call it a day in near future.
In one of his interviews recently, when Brown was asked what his plans are for future, he said, “I haven’t thought about it to be frank with you. My first priority is to have a good time playing for Sunderland in the upcoming season.”
“The possibility of retirement is very low. I am not likely to leave soccer straightaway. I never get bored of it.”
“Until the time my legs give me enough support, I would like to stay in the circuit playing the game; that’s for certain.”
Brown, who won 23 caps for England between 1999 and 2010, had been a Manchester United player for 15 years. He made 232 league appearances for the Red Devils before leaving Old Trafford in 2011.