The animosity and rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is well-known. There have been very few players who have managed to switch between the two clubs. Now, the Barcelona manager Tito Vilanova has said that there are many jobs in this world that he would be prepared to take, but managing Real Madrid is not one of them.

The 44-year-old has had huge success with Barcelona in the first six months as a manager. He was the assistant manager of the club previously when they were under the regime of Pep Guardiola. Now, as a full-time manager, Vilanova has been able to guide them to just one defeat in the league in the first half of the season.

This has seen them open a massive 15 point advantage over Real Madrid, while they remain odds on favourite to win the title this season. Even though he is yet to be linked with managerial posts away from Barcelona, Vilanova has straightaway said that he would not be interested in the Real Madrid job even if it was offered to him. Vilanova has also said that he would never throw a game and promote doping. Vilanova stated these in the book return to celebrate the history of the club.

"Coaching Real Madrid is one of the three things I would never do in football. The other two would be throwing a game and promoting doping," said Vilanova. "The club is not only about the players, or the president. More than anything, it is the people who come to watch our games, the old men sitting in bars playing dominoes and talking about Barca. Being asked why I love Barca is like being asked why I love my parents," said the former manager Guardiola, who also had his inputs in the book. Guardiola recently signed for Bayern Munich after a sabbatical.