Suarez sign in Barcelona

Even with the arrival of Suarez and a few other players that were signed to Barcelona a few months ago, it made no difference towards the final outcome of the Spanish club during the previous underwhelming season where they lost against Copa del Rey in a finals match when playing against Real Madrid as well as failing to win La Liga title which was won by Athletic Madrid, it truly was a disappointing season compared to other seasons when Barcelona seemed to be unstoppable with more and more trophies being added to their collection.

The year of 2015 has kicked off in full force and Barcelona’s Xavi Hernandez is hoping that his teammates can recover from their recent slump.

"Good health and trophies. We need that. We cannot allow ourselves another blank year. That is our principal objective.The season has begun very well; we are working as hard as possible. I am captain and have a responsibility which I take totally naturally, but I want above all to win trophies."Xavi Hernandez said.

Xavi Hernandez is well aware of all the obstacles that he and his teammates will have to face off and this year could possibly be even more difficult to do taking into consideration that Barcelona is not going to be able to sign any new players in 2015 due to their sanction and punishment which they received.

If Xavi Hernandez and the rest of his teammates are truly interested in recovering from their underwhelming past 12 months then they will have to face off against some of the top clubs around Europe including: Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester City and PSG as those are a few of the teams that are aiming to win the Champions League in this season meanwhile in the Spanish League, Real Madrid are going to be their strongest opponents.