The resignation of Sandro Rossell from his role of being the president of Barcelona arrived when the investigation of Neymar’s transfer from Santos was being made and according to Rossell, he was receiving too much pressure from the media concerning everything that was being launched at him at everything came from Neymar’s transaction.

Rossell stepped down from his position after a judge had accepted a case which was accusing him of money misappropriation.

The investigation was made after claims were being made involving Barcelona actually paying more money than what they had reported to the public. A part of the money was sent to the company which is owned by the father of Neymar and another to the Brazilian club Santos.

And now Barcelona has revealed to the public that they had to pay $18.6 to Spanish tax authorities in relation of last year’s acquisition of Neymar. It was something that had to be done in order to settle a legal dispute which was affecting the club.

The transaction involving Neymar, Santos and Barcelona happened over 7 months ago but Barcelona still has to face legal problems which have been happening since the moment that the transfer was completed.

Barcelona has insisted in stating that they have not violated any law when they signed Neymar and they are hoping that their latest $18.6 million payment will be enough to end the Spanish court case but the problem is that the dispute has also initiated a separate legal action in Brazil by Santos as the Brazilian club sold Neymar to Barcelona and Santos accused Neymar’s father of keeping the club in the dark about a separate financial deal that he struck with Barcelona to transfer his son to the Catalan club.