In recent years it has become generally accepted that everyone must love Barcelona and in the absence of their own side support them in all their endeavours.

I always feel in the minority when I stand against this trend but I feel I’m justified in my dislike of the Catalans.

Yes Barcelona were founded for all the right reasons. They gave the Catalans an identity, a place they felt they belonged and an opportunity to stand up to General Franco.

And the Oscar Goes to

I know, I know, it's not like Barcelona to get involved in diving, play-acting, getting opponents sent off, or any other activities from the dark side of football. Or not!

The press are happy to portray them as whiter than white, simply because they pass the ball SO nicely, but the truth is out there for all to see...

Barcelona are not a fair team to play against, and UEFA should crack down on Sergio Busquets before an opposition fan decides to settle the score for them!


JOSE Mourinho stormed the Nou Camp last night as his Inter Milan side made it to the Champions League final, knocking out holders Barcelona despite being down to 10 men for more than an hour.

Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho saw his team lose 1-0 on the night to a Gerard Pique goal but declared it “the greatest defeat of my life” as it took Inter to their first European Cup final for 38 years.


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