Neymar’s return to Barca could help return back to their best form, says Alves

Dani Alves has said that Neymar's return to Barcelona will help the club and Lionel Messi regain their position back as giants of La Liga. He was transferred from Barca to PSG in 2017 for a record-breaking € 222 million. The transfer was to help him move away from the shadow cast on him by the Argentinian star Messi. But since his departure from Camp Nou, there have been talks regarding his possible return to the club.

Last summer, both the clubs had discussions regarding the future of the Brazilian but they failed to reach any conclusion. With the current summer transfer window approaching,there has been speculation of him returning back to the club. But due to the financial constraints caused by coronavirus,it seems like the deal will not be happening this time too.

As per the reports besides Barca, their arch-rivalReal Madrid have also shown interest in signing him. Alves thinks that the player should look forward to having a second spell in Camp Nou.
The former Barcelona player has told that the only thing he has tried to convince Neymar is to join Barcelona. He had offers from Real Madrid too but he told the player that if he wants to be happy then should join Barca.
He added that Neymar can bring back Barca to their old form and will be them return back to the giant position in La Liga as well as in Europe. He can ease the tension on the shoulder of Messi.
Alves meanwhile has no regrets on not returning back to Barca. The player was transferred to Juventus in 2016 and later he parted with Paris Saint Germain and joined the Brazilian club, Sao Paulo. Even though there have been speculations on the player returning back to Barca, it failed to materialize as a plan.