The Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira has said that it will now be difficult to catch the la Liga leaders Barcelona in the title race after they failed to beat the Catalan club in the recently held El Clasico between the two clubs.

The German international was one of the impressive players for Real Madrid in the recent 2-2 draw with Barcelona. Real Madrid had an excellent match, but they were unable to get the vital goal that would have given them three points in the match. It would have helped them to reduce the lead at the top of the table to just five points.

However, as it is, Barcelona have an eight-point advantage of having played just seven matches in the season. Even at this early stage of the season, this is a huge advantage because both Real Madrid and Barcelona do not drop a lot of points over the course of the season. Due to the fact that there is only one match remaining between the two clubs until the end of the season, the Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira believes that Barcelona have had too much of an advantage in this period and it will be difficult to take them back.

"Of course, it is difficult with a team as strong as Barcelona and with the difference in points between us and them. We do not have our destiny in our own hands and it is not a good feeling to have to wait for them to falter. But we will give it our best. If we can win our games and show some consistency in doing so then I am sure that something good will happen. We would have liked to win," said the Sami Khedira after the match. Real Madrid are likely to shift their focus to the Champions League.