Inter ready to allowLautaro Martinez to leave

Lionel Scaloni has said that Lautaro Martinez will be better playing with his countrymen Lionel Messi. He has been linked with a move to Barcelonaas the summer transfer window is approaching. Barca has shown keen interest on signing the playerand the speculations have only grown regarding his transfer to the club. He had a splendid season in Serie A which gained a lot of attention to him. He has scored 16 goals by appearing in 31 matches before the league was suspended due to coronavirus.

Argentina football coach has said that playing with Messi will improve Martinez a lot. But unlike in Inter, he has to fight for his position in the club. If he decides to change clubs then everyone has to be calm about it. Maybe he will not be included directly into the first team but as long as he is given enough playing minutes everything is good. With enough playing time, he will be in form and Scaloni also said that he has a great future and has a lot more to develop.

Former Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti has said that if Martinez wants to leave and join Camp Nou they will do everything to keep him at Italy.
“You can't hold someone who has the idea of being somewhere else. That would put him in a position to remain involuntarily or, in any case with a different impulse, in the same place,” said Moratti.

Meanwhile, Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio has said that one has to pay £99 million in order to sign him. There will not be any changes regarding the clause. He also said that the clause is very evident to all. It is very much demanding which has both deadlines and commitments. Martinez can only leave the club if one agrees entirely with the clause. The clause will end on July and he describes that it is the only thing that will allow Martinez away from Inter.