Bet on Real Madrid instead

Looking at the La Liga table, the top three clubs are Barcelona at number 1, Atletico Madrid at number 2 and Real Madrid at number 3. The points difference between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid is 6, while the points difference between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid is 5.

Thus, you well might wonder why you are being advised to bet on Real Madrid rather than on FC Barcelona, and you are fully justified in wondering it. The point though is that betting on football is not like betting at an online casino.

Casino games (like the football themed ones you can find on gaming club online casino) are entirely dependent on chance, which football games are not, though many analysts and bookmakers seem to treat them as if they are. The way in which bookmakers set betting odds involves a number of factors: one of these is simply guesswork and the other is a response to current betting markets. The more money that is bet on a result, the shorter the bookmaker makes the odds.

Thus, when many people think that FC Barcelona will win and large amounts of bets are placed on them doing so, the bookmakers adjust the odds so as to maintain their margins. Conversely, in order to attract more betting on Real Madrid, the bookmakers lengthen the odds.

These two effects distort the betting market, so that the value of a bet on Real Madrid is higher than the value of a bet on FC Barcelona, and as every football better knows, or at least certainly should know, the best way to make money out of football betting is to choose high value bets. Although the differences between these particular values are small, they are none the less real. If you always bet on the most valuable bet, you will win in the long run. Also note that the best result by far for a bookmaker is a draw.