Barcelona Youngster Shines and the Club Looks for a Striker

Since the beginning of his career, Barcelona has yearned for a young striker who can grow and develop with them. While Luis Suarez tore apart La Liga for years, rumors circulated that Barca desired a young player to join his ranks. Barcelona may be interested in doing the same thing now, years later, with Robert Lewandowski at the club.

According to reports, they would like Brazilian superstar Vitor Roque to join the team this summer and begin developing under one of the best strikers of the 21st century. Additionally, Chadi Riad, a defender for Barcelona, has been given his first opportunity to play for the senior Morocco team in games later this month.

Morocco, which finished fourth at the 2022 World Cup, will play international friendlies against Brazil on March 25 and Peru three days later. Riad is in the crew, where he'll connect up with a recognizable face in Ez Abde.
Riad has been discussing his call-up and is excited to enlist in the public group. “I’m so pleased. I am extremely appreciative of the coach's trust in me because it is something I have been dreaming about since I was very young. I'm truly anticipating addressing the nation of my folks," he said. "Since I've always felt Moroccan, I've played for Morocco for a long time. I've been there since the U-15s when I won a significant trophy at the African Olympics.
Since then, I've worked and advanced in the organization. We gradually increased in level until we reached the World Cup semi-finals, which I followed closely because I went to my aunt and uncle's house to watch every Morocco match with my entire family, nervous and hoping for victory. It is a major opportunity for the player in his career.